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DSWD gears for assessment of poor in WV

THE Department of Social Welfare and Development is gearing up for the second round assessment of poor households in Western Visayas.
“We want to prepare the workers for the second round assessment of

LISTAHANAN. A couple answers a question during the Listahanan special validation for senior citizens. Listahanan identifies who and where the poor are in the country. (Photo by Wenna Berondo-Bendol)

LISTAHANAN. A couple answers a question during the Listahanan special validation for senior citizens. Listahanan identifies who and where the poor are in the country. (Photo by Wenna Berondo-Bendol)

poor households,” said Evangeline B. Felecio, Assistant Regional Director for Administration of DSWD Field Office Vi.
A total of 553 Area Supervisors, 110 Area Coordinators and 2,758 Enumerators assigned under the Listahanan program are currently undergoing training in preparation for the house-to-house assessment by June.
Listahanan, also known as National Household Targeting System for Poverty Reduction (NHTS-PR), is an information system for identifying who and where the poor households are. It guarantees the establishment and management of a national socio-economic database of poor households.
This same database is being used by DSWD, Philhealth, Department of Health, Local Government Units and other institutions in the identification of their target beneficiaries.
The first round of assessment was conducted in 2009 and identified around 385,000 poor households in the region./dswd6/Merry Jezzel Brendia (Photo by Wenna Berondo-Bendol)

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DSWD6 releases P391M ESA

lezo aklan-2THE Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) has released P391 million more in Emergency Shelter Assistance.
The amount was released for four municipalities in Aklan, one in Iloilo and another in Negros Occidental.
If broken down, P15.1 million was disbursed for 505 families in Lezo; P10.7 million for 358 families in Tangalan; P5.5 million for 184 families in Nabas; and P16.9 million for 566 families in Ibajay, all in the province of Aklan.
In these four towns, the agency released checks amounting to P30,000 each for those with totally damaged houses.
Also, P242.3 million was released for 8,079 families in Carles, Iloilo and P100.2 million for 3,342 families in Sagay City, Negros Occidental.
For Carles and Sagay, funding was transferred to the LGU which shall in turn schedule and conduct the distribution to their constituents. DSWD will be monitoring the releasing.
These recent releases bring to P2.4 billion the total funds disbursed by the agency for Region 6.
The ESA is a cash grant provided to families whose houses are either totally or partially damaged. It aims to provide assistance to families affected by typhoon to purchase housing materials for the repair and reconstruction of their damaged houses./dswd6/May Grecia-Rago

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lola barceliza2SENIOR CITIZENS FIRST. Senior citizens like Lola Barceliza Bacalangco of Estancia, Iloilo are prioritized during the releasing of the Emergency Shelter Assistance (ESA) implemented by DSWD. The municipality recently received P77.4 million for 2,581 Yolanda-affected families with totally damaged houses at P30,000 each.

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Gov’t CCT program yields 34 valedictorians in WV

VALEDICTORIANS. These are among the 34 valedictorians being recognized today by DSWD in Iloilo City.

VALEDICTORIANS. These are among the 34 valedictorians being recognized today by DSWD in Iloilo City.

THE GOVERNMENT’S Conditional Cash Transfer program yielded 34 high school valedictorians in Western Visayas.
Also known as Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program, records of DSWD regional office show that the students come from Iloilo, Capiz, Aklan, Guimaras, Antique and Negros Occidental.
“Malaki talaga ang naitulong ng Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program sa aming buhay. Hindi na kami nahihirapan sa aming pang araw-araw na gastusin at sa aming pag-aaral. Nababawasan ang nito ang problemang pinapasan ng aming pamilya lalo na sa aspetong pinansyal para sa edukasyon,” said Michael Mayordo, Jr. who graduated valedictorian from Esteban Jalandoni National High School in Hinigaran, Negros Occidental.
Pantawid Pamilyang is a human development program of the national government that invests in the health and education of poor households, particularly of children aged
0 to 18.

Patterned after the conditional cash transfer scheme implemented in other developing
countries, the Pantawid Pamilya provides cash grants to beneficiaries provided that they comply with the set of conditions which they agreed to undertake for an improved wellbeing.

The achievers will be recognized today in a ceremony with a theme, “Pagtatapos niyo, Tagumpay ng Pilipino” at Sarabia Manor Hotel and Convention Center in Iloilo City.
DSWD Usec. Mateo G. Montaño, who is a native of Aklan and a Gawad CES awardee, will be the guest speaker.
GAWAD CES is a Presidential award that recognizes members in the Career Executive Service (CES) for exemplary performance and significant contributions, particularly in the areas of innovation, information and communication technology, social services, administrative reforms and public policy.

Mayordo is already enrolled at Carlos Hilado Memorial State College to take up Civil Engineering after he passed the examination entrance of Negros Occidental Scholarship Program.
Mayordo also encouraged his co-beneficiaries by saying that other Pantawid student beneficiaries also have the chance to continue their education to reach what they are aiming for.
“Quality education is our key to become more competitive,” Mayordo said.

Mayordo also thanked the national government especially President Benigno Aquino III for supporting the program and other government leaders who are behind the success of this program./dswd6/Montesa Caoyonan

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Panay Bukidnon student teaches importance of right attitude

A MEMBER of an Indigenous People’s group who graduated as valedictorian has lessons to teach other kids.

“We need to have the right attitude. And this is to never give up and never put down yourself,” said Rochelle Ann Narciso, who belongs to the Panay Bukidnon tribe situated in Jamindan’s hinterlands in Capiz Province.
Narciso of Macario Bermejo National High School is the daughter of Nissel and Javier.

Her mother works as a helper at a small restaurant in front of a Philippine Army’s camp in the locality while her father is a farmer.

“I personally give importance to education because my parents taught me how important it is. This is why I have been studying hard,” said Rochelle.

No matter how difficult life has been, Rochelle says that their schooling was put on top priority.
“Since I was in elementary, Nanay and Tatay always gave importance to our school needs. They also made sure that we can join in all activities,” she said.


Rochelle said she still remembers a time when her mother Nissel went home with burns in her hands due to cooking.

“It was as if she did not have burns at all. She ignored them and just went on being there for us,” said Rochelle.

She also recalls of a time when her mother suffered from an illness. Her mom’s body became inflamed making it impossible for her to work.

During that period, Rochelle’s father dabbled into working in construction projects and at the same time farming.


In the recent graduation rites, Rochelle received not just the highest honors among her batch mates.
She also received a leadership award from Gerry Roxas Foundation and Mathematician of the Year citation.

Rochelle’s right perspective in life, handed to her by her parents, brought her success.

One day, Rochelle wishes that she will overcome poverty too. Taking strength from her parents, she hopes to cut off the scarcity in life experienced by her and the generations before her./dswd6/Montesa Caoyonan

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DSWD to release ESA to 5 more LGUs

The Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) will be releasing Emergency Shelter Assistance (ESA) to five more Local Government Units.

“We are fast tracking the releasing of ESA to municipalities,” said Rebecca Geamala, assistant regional director for operations.

A total of P16.9 million will be disbursed for Ibajay, Aklan; P56.8 million for San Rafael, Iloilo; P2.6 million for Lau-an, Antique; P15.1 million for Lezo, Aklan; and P5.5 million for Nabas, Aklan.

These are all intended for families with totally damaged houses.

Geamala added that the agency has recently received P2 billion cash thus its personnel are speeding up the processing of documents.

LGUs covered by this fund include Dao, Maayon, Dumalag, Cuartero, Panitan, Sapian, Dumarao, Mambusao, Pres. Roxas, all in Capiz; Ajuy, Estancia, Passi City, Carles, Lemery, Batad, and Mina in Iloilo Province; Libertad, Valderama, San Remigio, Patnongon in Antique Province; Nabas, Buruanga, Balete, Malinao, and Numancia in Aklan; and Sagay City in Negros Occidental.

All families with totally damaged houses will be prioritized.

Under the ESA, a family whose house has been classified as totally damaged by typhoon Yolanda will receive P30,000 while one whose house was partially damaged will receive P10,000.

“We would like to clarify that the funds are not yet with the LGUs. We call on the public to refrain from harassing their mayors and other local officials,” said Geamala.

More than P2 billion has been released so far.
The latest release was in Concepcion, Iloilo on Monday (April 20) when 3,380 beneficiaries with destroyed houses received P30,000 each.


Geamala also assured that the agency is willing to attend the current investigation of ESA releasing being done by the province.

She apologized for the agency’s absence in the recent hearing saying that, “There was a need to conduct an emergency meeting among DSWD staff on the fast tracking of releases of ESA since we have already received the Notice of Cash Allocation (NCA).”

She noted that the presence of Director Ma. Evelyn Macapobre in the hearing was impossible since she is on leave for one month and such has been scheduled way back November last year.

“But we assure the public that we are hastening the payment of ESA to the municipalities,” she added.

She also said that should they be invited again, they would gladly attend. /dswd6/May Rago-Castillo

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Sacrifices always pay off: Sacada’s daughter is valedictorian

SAGAY CITY_MARTINEZ 4SAGAY CITY, NEGROS OCCIDENTAL – Pen and paper. These two made her change her life.

Without any property or belongings because of poverty, a 17-year-old girl toppled other 832 graduating students of Sagay National High School because of her dreams. She did not have money and never owned a cellphone but with a paper a pencil, along with her determination, she is this year’s valedictorian.

Arlyn Martinez is a daughter of a `sacada.’ This refers to a laborer or planter of sugarcane, wherein most of these labourers could be found in Negros Occidental, known to be the ‘sugar capital’ or ‘sugar bowl’ of the Philippines.

Living in a secluded hacienda in the city located in northern part of Negros Occidental, walking almost an hour before reaching to school is not new to her.

Fresh from her memories as she recalls her past, Arlyn said everyday she has to walk far or ride on her father’s carabao to get to a main road and then get a tricycle to go to school.

Arlyn said she may not have tasted the luxuries in life like living in a comfortable house or even riding a car just like some of her well-off classmates and schoolmates but maintains a happy disposition

“I am happy because love abounds in our family. I also appreciate the sacrifices of my father to provide for us,” she said.


For Arlyn, there is great pride in being a daughter of sacada.

“My father has been working hard to feed the 10 hungry mouths including my young twin sisters,” she said.
She added that, “there is nothing compared to the hard work and manual labor of my father as a `karga tapas’ (the process of manually cutting and loading sugarcane onto trucks) in the sugarcane field.”

She also said that there was even a time when he dabbled as a sugarcane worker and then plowed the farm at night to sustain the whole family’s needs.


“Despite the difficulty in life, the brunt of poverty has been lightened because of the atmosphere of love at home,” she said.
Someday, Arlyn dreams of uplifting her family’s condition. “As what I promised to myself, I want to pay back my father’s sacrifices that’s why I study hard,” she said.


Arlyn’s family is included in the Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program – the government’s anti-poverty strategy to ensure that the children are healthy and in school.

Arlyn together with her two other siblings are covered by the program. She said the cash grant they are receiving every after two months helps a lot on their daily expenses especially for their baon, school supplies and uniform.

“The program has helped me to be the valedictorian of our class,” she said.


If given an opportunity, Arlyn wants either to be an Engineer or Teacher. She promised that when she gets a job and gets her first salary, she wants to buy a carabao so that her father could already own one.

During her valedictory speech, Arlyn told her parents how lucky she is to have them and how thankful she is to them to make sure that she does not suffer the same fate since they only finished elementary education.

“Despite poverty, we don’t need to lose hope. Let us keep dreaming and working hard because these will definitely pay off all our sacrifices and later on, the realization of our dreams and what lives we want to be in the future,” Arlyn said as she stood before the stage and wearing her white toga./dswd6/Montesa Grino-Caoyonan

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Capiz dads salute DSWD in Yolanda rehab efforts

CAPIZ-In the opening ceremony of Capiztahan (April 10, 2015), provincial officials here lauded the leadership and personnel of the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) in their efforts for the rehabilitation of victims of typhoon Yolanda, internationally known Haiyan.

“In November 2013, Yolanda devastated us. Today, we are deeply humbled, as one of the persons who rendered assistance is joining us. We extend our special thanks to Secretary Corazon `Dinky’ Soliman and to the members of her office for reaching out to Capizenos,” said Tanco.

Resolution 076-2015 was passed by the officials of the province “to convey profound gratitude to DSWD for the invaluable support” to the province particularly in rehabilitation efforts for the supertyphoon survivors.

Tanco said that the Capiztahan is an opportune time to celebrate the “collective resiliency, perseverance and the attitude of the Capizenos to never surrender.”

“Gone are the days of Yolanda. As we celebrate Capiztahan, our faith, our sheer will to live has shown what true Capizenos are,” he said.


Secretary Soliman who personally received a plaque of appreciation and her copy of the resolution thanked the Tanco and his people for the recognition.

“Thank you for the recognition. Ginagawa po namin ito dahil kami ay lingkod-bayan tulad din nga ibang nagtratrabaho sa gobyerno. Pangalawa, salamat dahil ito lang pinagkukunan naming ng lakas upang tuloy na makapaglingkod na may ngiti,” said Soliman.

Soliman said that aside from rehabilitation efforts for Yolanda survivors, the agency continues in the implementation of programs like Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program, Kalahi-CIDSS, Sustainable Livelihood, Social Pension and Supplementary Feeding.

“Tumataba po ang puso namin sa pagkilala. Tuluy-tuloy po ang pagtulong naming sa nangangailangan,”she said.


Aside from government officials, beneficiaries of Emergency Shelter Assistance (ESA) also expressed gratitude for DSWD’s assistance.

Igleceria Bulquerin of Roxas City said, “Thank you Secretary Soliman. Thank you DSWD for responding to our needs. We used the ESA, amounting to P30,000, to repair our house,” she said.

Bulaclac Jardiolin of Panay, Capiz, likewise said, “Thank you for helping us so we could recover from the devastation of the typhoon. You did not just repair our house. You also restored our belief in the government. Also, we have learned to hope for the future again.”/dswd6/May Rago-Castillo

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