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DSWD6 ends distribution of relief goods


Recently, radio reports surfaced on relief goods allegedly left idle and soon-to-expire noodles at the Iloilo Sports Complex.

We want to inform the public that we have already cleared the Iloilo Sports Complex of DSWD goods on September 3, 2014. The remaining goods were transferred to our rented warehouse where they are being repacked and given to Local Government Units.

Around last week of August, we also vowed to completely release the remaining goods numbering to 72,010 family packs to LGUs on or before September 15, 2014. We would like to inform you that as of yesterday afternoon (September 15, Monday), we only have 1.5 percent left of the goods or 7,831 family packs (out of the total 515,071 packs for the last round of relief distribution). These goods are intended for Malinao and Tangalan in Aklan.

While we were bent on completing the distribution on our promised date, both of these LGUs pleaded to send their trucks on September 16 as they have to arrange for the availability of the trucking services to haul the goods. Nevertheless, we are thankful to all the LGUs who remain steadfast in their commitment to serve the people.

We would like to assure the public that we, at the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD), are one with you in the intent to help the survivors of Typhoon Yolanda.#


Assistant Regional Director






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Unicef reviews services for kids after ‘Yolanda’

Officials of the United Children’s Fund (Unicef) led by Fergus Thomas (third from left), Humanitarian Advisor of Department for International Development (DFID) Field Team and Sarah Norton-Saal (fifth from right), Chief of Child Protection Section pose for a souvenir photo with DSWD Assistant Regional Director Joel Galicia (fourth from left), Institutional Development Division Chief Rebecca Geamala (fifth from left) and Regional Training Specialist Josie Cambel (leftmost). The team from the Unicef visited the DSWD regional office to look at the different support the organization has provided especially in areas affected by Typhoon Yolanda and gather experiences of their local partners in the implementation of their programs for children./dswd6

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8 Yolanda-ravaged towns to receive P31.6M

dao, capiz cash for workILOILO Province-Eight towns in Panay Island will be receiving a total of P31.6 million in cash for work program implemented by the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) Field Office VI in partnership with Local Government Units.
These towns include Anilao, San Rafael, Dao, Bingawan, Banate and Ajuy in Iloilo and Sapi-an in Capiz which will receive P4.3 million each and New Lucena which will receive P1.5 million.
“The amount is intended for those who engaged in cash for work for building livelihood assets in their communities. Prioritized for the program were those who had totally damaged houses when typhoon Yolanda struck the province,” said Rosario A. Sanagustin, head of Protective Services Unit of DSWD.
The department has a total of P384 million funding for cash for work this year intended for 84 municipalities with 84,000 target beneficiaries. The agency is encouraging other target LGUs to complete documentary requirements like accomplishment reports, DTR of beneficiaries who rendered work and photo documentation during actual work execution.
Aside from the cash for work, the agency is also releasing livelihood assistance for various projects such as oyster culture, purchase of tricycle, loom weaving, kalamansi plantation, mini-grocery and vegetable vending amounting to P13.5 million sourced out from donations./dswd6/May Rago-Castillo

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DSWD launches ‘Gawad Listahanan’

ILOILO CITY—To confer awards to local government units for providing services to the Listahanan-identified poor families, the DSWD has organized the first-ever “Gawad Listahanan” or the Data Utilization Awards.

The competition was introduced to the local government units in Region 6 during the conduct of the Feedbacking/Coaching and Orientation with Listahanan Data Users recently.

“We are encouraging all the LGUs who have active Memorandum of Agreement on Datasharing with the DSWD to join the Gawad Listahanan,” said Evangeline B. Felecio, Listahanan Deputy Regional Project Manager.

Aside from recognizing the efforts of the partner LGUs, she added the activity is also aimed to promote the convergence of all social protection stakeholders on the identified poor to effectively address the problem on poverty.

Participating LGUs must nominate at least one locally-funded social protection program that provides direct service/intervention to the Listahanan identified poor such as scholarships, medical assistance, skills and livelihood training, among others. They must also be 100% compliant to the reportorial requirements of the data sharing as stipulated in their MOA with the Department and must have integrated Listahanan in all their social marketing activities.

To officially enter into the competition, LGUs should submit an application form duly signed by their mayor or provincial governor together with the program documents like the list of beneficiaries and Work and Financial Plan. The entry should also be accompanied by a write-up about the program, list of beneficiaries and activities conducted together with the photos showing the actual program implementation and beneficiaries.

LGUs shall be classified as municipal, city or provincial government categories. The winners for each category will be competing at the national level where a cash prize of Php50,000 is at stake.

To give ample time for the participants to prepare the necessary documents, the deadline for submission of their entries is extended until September 30, 2014.

To date, 127 municipal, city, and provincial governments in Western Visayas have already signed a MOA with the Department on the use of the Listahanan database./dswd6/Wenna B. Bendol

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DSWD6 releases P1.7M livelihood aid to ‘Yolanda’ survivors in Roxas City

ROXAS CITY–At least P1.7 million worth cash assistance was released by the DSWD regional office to fisherfolk who were devastated by Typhoon Yolanda in Roxas City, Capiz.

DSWD6 director Ma. Evelyn Macapobre personally distributed the checks, through Capiz 1st District Rep. Antonio del Rosario, to 51 members of the Barra Fisherfolk Association on September 4, 2014 in Barangay Barra, Roxas City. Each check was worth more than P32,000.00

The checks will not be given directly to the fisherfolk but will be deposited in the account of their association to be used in their talaba culture project. Most of the fisherfolk are also beneficiaries of the DSWD’s Pantawid Pamilya.

Macapobre encouraged beneficiaries to make good use of the funds and work hard to make their project successful.

“It’s like basketball. We have passed the ball to you now. It now depends on you how you will dribble it. I wish that someday, even if I am no longer assigned in Region 6, I will hear how famous your project is,” said the director.

Del Rosario said they have already talked with the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources, who pledged to also give technical assistance to the fisherfolk on how to run their project, which they envision not only to become a source of income for the beneficiaries but also a tourist attraction.

The barangay is already known as supplier of talaba  in Roxas City and the province of Capiz. Once their project blooms, the congressman said they will become more famous and more people will visit their place./dswd6/Wenna B. Bendol


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Cadiz City gets relief packs too

ILOILO City-Following other localities in Negros Occidental, Cadiz City also pulled out from DSWD6 its relief goods allocation yesterday.
It has pulled out from DSWDs warehouse a total of 12,180 food packs as it sent three trucks to get and bring the goods to Negros Occidental via roro.
The DSWD has earlier vowed to complete the releasing of remaining relief goods numbering to 72,010 on or before September 15. This is what remain of 515,071 packs for the last round of distribution.
Since Monday, the agency has so far released 21,218 packs bringing the remaining goods to 50,772 or 9.8 percent.
Prior the move of Cadiz, Escalante and Sagay City also brought trucks to get their allocation. Sagay took 3,000 food packs while Escalante City received 6,038. Due to the volume of goods for hauling, the truck sent by Sagay will have to do four loadings to complete the hauling of 13,268 food packs.
Escalante, on the other, has received its complete allocation.
Other remaining areas with unclaimed food packs include Manapla, Silay City, Victorias City and EB Magalona, all from Negros Occidental, and Tangalan, Malinao and Buruanga in Aklan.
The DSWD is also working in partnership with PNP and AFP for the hauling of the goods to LGUs which have difficulty in finding trucks to claim the allocation for them./dswd6/May Castillo

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World Vision mulls partnership with DSWD

Officials of the World Vision, led by Eriko Akom, Deputy Project Manager (third from right) had a meeting of DSWD regional director Ma. Evelyn B. Macapobre (seated) to discuss possible collaboration in providing assistance to Typhoon Yolanda survivors for them to bring back their lives to normal after the “super typhoon.” Also in photo are (from left) Armel Cipriano, DSWD Regional Executive Assistant and other staff of World Vision namely,  Ma. Charen Caenca, Human Accountability Officer; Angelo Hernan Melencio, Project Manager; Lionel Dosoos, National Project Manager for Communication with Communities and John Vergel Briones, Regional Coordinator./dswd6

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Sagay, Escalante get food packs for Yolanda survivors

ILOILO City-Sagay and Escalante Cities yesterday sent trucks to get the relief goods intended for their constituents.
Both Local Government Units sent trucks via roro. Sagay took 3,000 food packs while Escalante City received 6,038. Due to the volume of goods for hauling, the truck sent by Sagay will have to do four loadings to complete the hauling of 13,268 food packs.trucks222
Escalante, on the other, has received its complete allocation.
These goods are what remains of the 515,071 food packs for the last round of distribution. To date, there are 62,972 remaining food packs to finish the last round of  distribution.

Cadiz City, on the other hand, has communicated that it will be sending  trucks to get their allocation totaling to 24,560. The other remaining areas with unclaimed food packs include Manapla, Silay City, Victorias City and EB Magalona, all in Negros Occidental, and Buruanga, Tangalan and Malinao in Aklan.
The DSWD is bent on completing the releasing of goods on or before September 15. It is also working in partnership with PNP and AFP for the hauling of the goods to LGUs which have difficulty in finding trucks to claim the allocation for them./dswd6/May Castillo

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