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Cabualan family is this year’s Huwarang Pantawid Pamilya regional champ


The Cabualan family from Leon, Iloilo was declared champion in this year’s Regional Search for Huwarang Pantawid Pamilya against four other entries regionwide.


The couple – Romulo and Remia– are both rebel returnees but later turned into advocates of peace and development in their community together with their six children.


Their advocacy started when the couple met when both of them joined the underground movement in 1984. The cruelty, brutality and injustices they experienced under the Marcos dictatorship pushed them to voluntarily join the New People’s Army (NPA). They referred themselves as members of the Kilusan.


But there was no greater weapon than love when the two fell in love with each other and decided to surrender to the government so they could start in building a family of their own and to live a peaceful life, far from the atrocities that they have seen.


After eight years of hiding, running and eluding arrest from the military, the two surrendered in 1992. Their respective families welcomed them back home. Then, they opted to stay in Leon particularly in the place of Romulo.


In 1995, both were given amnesty by the government to start a new life. They were placed under community integration. At first, they felt the community’s suspicious of them since they knew that they were both former rebels. However, they were gradually accepted when the community realized that they were sincere in wanting to go back to the government’s fold. The religious community welcomed them also without any judgment and they became active members of the church. Two years later, the couple asked God’s blessings for their marriage. They were blessed with six children.


They then felt secure due to different support and livelihood opportunities given by the government, church, and non-government organizations. The couple together with the other returnees were placed under BALIKATAN program of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP). Later, they were formed into a Balikatan Organization. Through the said organization, the couple availed of one carabao from the Department of Agriculture (DA) and a livelihood capital of P10, 000 cash which they bought hog for fattening.


Later they converted their livelihood into vermicast after a priest friend from Don Bosco School in Dumangas, Iloilo taught them how to do it. Also, their organization through their cooperative, has been recipient of the ABS-CBN foundation livelihood project. They were given seed capital for their mango business but years after the death of their founder Jimmy Calumno, also a rebel returnee, their organization was then dissolved.


The government’s assistance and interventions, however, did not just end there. The couple particularly Remia was also one of the proponents of “Binhi sang Buas Damlag,” a peace and development project of the Office of the Presidential Adviser on the Peace Process (OPAPP) through the UP Visayas Foundation Inc. (UPVFI) as funded by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) where they were taught more on community organizing.  Grupo Paghidaet was then organized by the University where Remia was among the original members. The group is a local volunteer organization whose mission is to be an agent for promoting peace and development. The Commission on Human Rights 6 (CHR-6) also helps and works with them in advocating peace and development, human rights and community empowerment.


From then on, the couple regained the trust and confidence of the government and started advocating on peace and development. In 2001, Remia replaced her husband Romulo as tanod member after the latter suffered from a nervous breakdown.  She was then chosen as Tanod Commander by their Punong Barangay and voluntarily served to maintain the peace and order situation in their barangay.


In 2011, the family also became a beneficiary of Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program covering three of their six children. Remia was chosen as a Parent Leader when the program started after her fellow members trusted her capacity to lead. Remia is making sure that all household members under her care are religiously following all the conditions set by the program, particularly on health and education of their children as well as maintaining backyard gardening to complement the additional rice subsidy given by the government.


Aside from cash grants they are receiving from the program, Remia and her husband accepted the jobs that were offered to them to work as contractual laborers under the Trabahong Lansangan – a joint program of DSWD and the Department of Public Works and Highway (DPWH) through a private contractor, the International Builders Corp. (IBC,) just to sustain the school needs of their children. Remia is a timekeeper assigned in Leon while Romulo is a construction worker assigned in Iloilo City.


Finally, all their hardships paid off when two of the couple’s children graduated from college, one is in third year college while the three others are in high school.


According to the couple, the program is a great help to their family especially in keeping their children in school and keeping them heathy. They added that the program also helped them boost their self-esteem and continue their advocacy as a catalyst of change through peace and development.


The couple is striving hard to make their life as stable as they wanted it to be despite both of them not having a regular income. They could not even repair their old house because they give more importance to education of their children so that what they have hardly and painfully experienced before will not be encountered by their children.


As parents, they do not want also their children to follow their footsteps, once being at the underground movement, however, they emphasized the value of principles, respect, forgiveness, and love because for them these are the essential weapons to achieve PEACE.


A family who inspires other members of the community.


The Cabualan couple is truly an inspiration to all especially to those in underground movement. Their braveness in returning to the mainstream of democratic society where they chose to live a peaceful life has inspired more other rebels to surrender. In fact, at least 20 of their comrades also surrendered after the couple’s submission to military. Presently, three of these rebel returnees are now elected as barangay officials in their respective areas.


Since LOVE has been the greatest weapon of their surrender, the family has a strong tie which is very transparent to their community that could inspire their other co-beneficiaries despite of their poor status in life. Despite being financially unstable, the couple value the education of their children and worked hard to send their six children at school. Through the 4Ps, their burden in sending their children at school has been lessen but the couple continue to work even harder under the scorching heat and dusty roads to earn their living.


The couple is thankful that their children are all studious, strongly determined and truly value the importance of education, opportunities knock at their door when their children availed the different scholarship programs offered by the government to poor but deserving students.


The family is very thankful to be a beneficiary of the program because they became an empowered individuals ready to face an empowered society that are susceptible of any changes. For them the Pantawid Pamilya as well as the different government programs, services and assistance they availed from the government helped them raise the level of their well-being.


Amidst difficult situation, the couple is more motivated to prioritize their children’s education for them to finish college and get better jobs. The couple said education is the only wealth they could give to their children to make sure that they have better future ahead.


The Cabualan family is indeed a living testimony who could prove the gains and impact of the program to their lives. The program might be temporary only since “Walang Forever sa 4Ps” but the Cabualan has shown to us how they value the opportunities given to them by the government because for them “Walang Forever na Kahirapan./Montesa Cauyonan/dswd6/

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Nanay Estrella gets free medicines

A year ago, Nanay Estrella underwent an operation for the removal of her eye cataract. Since then, there was never a single day that she stayed at ease on finding means to maintain her medication.

Estrella P. Londres, a 67 year-old resident of Oton, Iloilo complains about the difficulty on her sight and a pulmonary illness.

After having separated from her husband, Nanay Estrella’s early years were spent doing the neighbors’ laundry and having part-time jobs, dishwashing at canteens. Occasionally, between the part-time struggles, she makes time to tend to her only son.

The son grew up to be a seafarer with the help of an aunt. Her son, however has aa family of his own now, thus Nanay Estrella has to be strong for herself.

Nanay Estrella relates her current condition, “Ako na lang isa gapangabuhi subong. Ga  istar man ko sa utod ko pero pigado man siya katama. Pareho lang kami ga kayud agud ma atindir namon ang amun nga kaugalingon.” (“I always feel alone. I live with my elder sister but she’s poor as well and we always need to work hard to support ourselves.”)

“Amo na dako guid ang pagpasalamat ko sa Libreng Gamot para sa Masa Program ni President Duterte tungod kay nabuligan guid ako sini. Indi na ko mamroblema pa kung diin ko puluton ang inugbakal sang akon mga bulong,” (“That is why I am very thankful to President Duterte’s Libreng Gamot para sa Masa Program because it helped me a lot so I don’t have to worry on how and where I may get money to buy my medical expenses,”) Nanay Estrella added.

Nanay Estrella availed a total of 5,238php worth of her pulmonary and eye ailment medications as provided by the Libreng Gamot para sa Masa Program of the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD6).

“Para sa mga imol, dako dako guid nga bulig ini kapin pa gid nga ang iban napabay-an na lang ila mga sakit tungod wala kwarta ipa check-up kag ibakal sang bulong. Tungod sa programa nga ini, pwede na nila ipa tan-aw ila mga sakit kag indi na maging problema ang ila bulong,” (“This program is certainly a great help to the indigent citizens. Oftentimes, they disregard their illnesses because they do not have the money to pay for check-ups and to purchase medicine. But they do not have to worry anymore because Libreng Gamot para sa Masa Program is the answer to the problem,”) Nanay Estrella finally stated./XzyrabelleServento/DSWD/

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DSWD6 releases P37M-worth of medicines for Ilonggos.

THE DSWD6 released to Ilonggos P37 million-worth of medicines.

Latest records of the agency revealed that the medicines were released under the Libreng Gamot Para sa Masa, a program implemented by DSWD funded from the Presidential Social Fund.

If broken down, P26.1 million went to family heads and needy adults; women, P123,788; senior citizens, P8.57 million; and Persons with Disability, P2.3 million.

“Through Lingap para sa Masa, Ilonggos could avail of free medicines. Those who do not have money to buy their medicines could finally get help from the government,” said Rebecca P. Geamala, regional director.

Out of the amount, a total of 5,257 beneficiaries were able to access the assistance.

A Lingap sa Masa beneficiary receives free medicines


Lingap is an initiative of President Rodrigo Roa Duterte, providing P1Billion to fund medicine assistance for indigent Filipinos who cannot afford to buy medicines.

Out of the amount, Region 6 received P138 million.
The agency entered into an agreement with Western Visayas Medical Center (WVMC) for the project.
To avail, the patient or representative shall present the doctor’s prescription to the pharmacy of WVMC. The pharmacy shall then issue a quotation for the needed medicines.
The patient or his representative shall present the quotation to the DSWD Social Worker together with other requirements.
The Social worker is situated right beside the WVMC pharmacy in the Lingap sa Masa desk.
The DSWD social worker shall then assess the case if found eligible. A DSWD Lingap sa Masa Guarantee Letter (GL) which includes the amount of the needed medicines will be issued to the patient so that the patient can get the medicines for free.
In-patients are required to submit the doctor’s prescription, certificate of indigency and valid ID. Those who are living in far areas may get their certificate of indigency to the hospital’s Social Service Office and do not have to go to their barangays.
Those in the out-patient, meaning those who have consulted with the Out-patient Department (OPD) of WVMC, the same requirements apply.
As much as P75,000 worth of medications maybe covered.

Lingap is already implemented in other hospitals in the country–University of the Philippines-Philippine General Hospital (UP-PGH) in the National Capital Region (NCR); Jose B. Lingad Memorial Hospital in San Fernando City, Pampanga (Region III); Vicente Sotto Memorial Medical Center (VSMMC) in Cebu City (Region VII); Southern Philippines Medical Center (SPMC) in Davao City; and the Davao Regional Hospital (DRH) in Tagum City (Region XI).
The implementation of Lingap is guided by Memorandum Circular No. 02 formulated by the Department to ensure an orderly and standard utilization free medicine fund.

Under the Lingap guidelines, indigent Filipinos who are either confined in or receiving out-patient treatment from identified hospitals and who are in need of prescription medicines are qualified as beneficiaries. Priority, however, will be given to the following:
1. Families or individuals who are indigent, vulnerable, or disadvantaged;
2. Those in the informal sector and poor based on the DSWD Listahanan;
3. Those who are in crisis situations based on the assessment of social workers;
4. Government employees and contract of service workers working in the government; and
beneficiaries of soldiers and police who were killed or wounded in the line of duty./dswd6

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Nanay Vierna gets free medicines from gov’t

Being a retired teacher, Nanay Vierna de Jesus, a 64 year-old senior citizen from Sara, Iloilo, receives her monthly pension from the Government Service Insurance System (GSIS), thus, this disqualified her from the Social Pension Program of the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD6).
“Grabe guid ang akon kasubo sang wala ako kasulod bilang pensioner sa Social Pension Program. Pero ang ginabaton ko nga pension kada bulan, indi guid ka sustinir sa akon mga bulong para sa akon mga balatian,” (“I was devastated when I learned about my disqualification in the Social Pension Program. But the pension I receive every month cannot sustain my medical expenses for my various health problems,”) Nanay Vierna, teary-eyed as she related.

Nanay Vierna upon receiving free medicine from the Government

Nanay Vierna has a husband who is suffering from prostate and eye ailments himself. The small land where they harvest rice can only provide them for as much as their daily rations and just enough to pay their debts which are the only means they know to support both their medications.
She has a son but he entered an early marriage, so instead of helping out, he had become an additional baggage to his parents. But everything doesn’t seem so hard when Nanay Vierna tend to her only granddaughter whom she considers as the source of everything good in her life.
Her tears threatening to fall, Nanay Vierna reflected the time when she retired from her teaching career while she was just 47 in order to treat her thyroid inflammation which hindered her from using her voice.
Over the years, she suffered from various ailments including kidney trouble, pneumonia, frequent allergies, and the most recent anemia.
Nanay Vierna emphasized that fighting all these illnesses, she can’t help but to contemplate on how and where she might find an answer to her problems.
“Dako guid ang akon kalipay kag pasalamat kay may ara LINGAP sa MASA Program nga nakabulig guid sa akon sang dako para mabakal ko ang akon mga kinahanglan nga bulong,” (“I am so happy and very thankful to the LINGAP sa MASA Program which greatly helped and allowed me to purchase all my medical necessities,”) Nanay Vierna happily expressed.
Nanay Vierna availed a total of 8,735php worth of kidney and anemia medicine as provided by the LINGAP sa MASA Program of the Department of Social Welfare and Development.
“Tungod sa Programa nga ini, mabuhinan na ang problema sang mga pigado nga gahimakas man makapangita sang igastos sa ila pa-hospital kag mga bulong,” (“Through this program, the hospital bills and medical expenses of the poor may not be as much as a problem anymore,”) Nanay Vierna finally stated./dswd6/Xzyrabelle Servento

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DSWD visits Libacao, Aklan to show it ‘cares’

This quarter’s DSWD Cares was held last August 30, 2017 in the Municipality of Libacao, Province of Aklan. Libacao, Aklan, being seated in a mountainous and rough terrains, is only one of the considered Geographically Isolated and Disadvantaged Areas (GIDA) in the whole province of Aklan and the entirety of Western Visayan region.

This is the reason why the Department of Social Welfare and Development Field Office VI (DSWD FO6) chose the municipality of Libacao to host this quarter’s DSWD CARES or the Community Advancement for Responsive and Empowered Society by Creating Awareness through Responsive and Excellent Services.

“DSWD Cares is organized for the management to be able to personally reach out with our clients and for them to directly share us their experiences and tell us their queries,” said Delia V. Bagolcol, DSWD FO6 Assistant Regional Director for Operations.

The series of events started in a Supplementary Feeding Activity at Poblacion Child Development Center (CDC) in Libacao, Aklan which was led by the Supplementary Feeding Program Regional Focal Person, Diana G. Alcantara, Dietician III.

SFP Focal Ms. Diana G. Alcantara hands out a pack of donated clothes to a little girl

Child Development Workers from different parts of Aklan also actively participated in the said event where donated clothing were also given to each of the children and their parents. The Supplementary Feeding activity was then followed by the main event of DSWD Cares which was held in the municipality’s gymnasium where DSWD programs beneficiaries were present as attendees.

The event simply started with presentation of Municipal Poverty Profile and Local Welfare Programs from the part of the municipality and the Presentation of DSWD Programs and Services from the part of the Management Committee. DSWD Cares also highlighted the Turn-Over Ceremony of carpentry and plumbing tools to women trainees of Kalahi-CIDSS-NCDDP as a Gender Incentive Grant. Meanwhile, the Social Pension Program seconded the event by releasing the quarterly stipend of the social pension beneficiaries.

ARDO Delia Bagolcol delivers DSWD programs to Libacao-nons

The program ended with an open forum where messages and queries of the community members were given light and clarified. The main objective of the event is to open a communication to the community members and to especially fill the gap between the local staff and the Management Committee. “We are heartened to recognize that the people in Libacao, Aklan welcomes us warmly and we too, want to use this opportunity to show how DSWD loves and cares by hearing you out and personally delivering to you our programs and services and our open heart,” Bagolcol finally stated./XzyrabelleServento/dswd6/

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Community volunteer hailed as Huwarang Ama in Sigma

A COMMUNITY volunteer from Capiz was recently awarded as Huwarang Ama of Sigma.

Ariel Julian Amboan, a beneficiary of the Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program since 2011, won as Huwarang Ama of the town for this year.

Ariel, 42, years old, is the leader of the Advent Rescue Motorized Group founded in 2009. Its main goal is to provide first aid in the streets and promote road safety. So far, they have saved people’s lives by assisting during accidents and brining the injured to the hospital.

They wear complete protective gear to show how important it is to follow the rules for the protection of motorists.

Ariel was given a chance to be a parent leader and showed his leadership skills. His wife, Carmen Frias Amboan, 39, works as a barangay health worker. They were blessed with two wonderful daughters, April Grace Fria Amboan, 13, now in grade 7 and Kharyl Joy Frias Amboan, 11, now in Grade 6.

Both are achievers and have received awards since primary school.

The Amboan Family believes that nothing in life is more fulfilling than being a medium of help to those who are in need. For them, life is about sharing; Sharing the words of God, even if it means not having people believe you and sharing what you have, even if it means losing a part of yourself.

They believe that the true essence of life is being able to give more, even if you get to have less.
As a missionary, they uphold their Christian beliefs by setting as a role model to their children and the people of their church. Mr. Ariel voluntarily goes from town to town, church to church, to share the words of God.

As a Parent Leader, he was taught to be more responsible than he is before. Being a father makes it natural for him to put anyone else’ needs above his own. But with too much time required of him, he had to give this up to focus more on their church, family and other community activities.

As for his wife, Carmen is dedicated in being a Barangay Health Worker even without getting paid, for her, having to help as many people as she can everyday is payment enough and it was all worth it.

They can’t help but feel proud to be the parents of their two daughters who constantly bring pride and honor to their family despite the difficulties of life. They raised their kids to think nothing but optimism that things will get better in time, you just have to have faith and do your part.

Ariel sees to it that even if her daughters are raised with positivity, they shouldn’t be deprived from the harsh realities of life; poverty is everywhere and it’s not easy to live with it. So they are trained to work in order for them to earn.

The chores were divided between them and they comply obediently. Not once did they hear their children complain. As part of their family’s ritual, it’s a must to attend the mass once a week to hear the Words of God. Also, it became a family bonding moment to work with their garden and even feed their animals. They use this time to talk about school stuff and other random things that mean a lot to them. They get to hear what their children feel and they were able to give advices. Simple things like this makes this family happier and closer with each other.


The family saves time and money by simply growing different kinds of vegetable in their garden. Instead of buying, it’s much easier to just pick directly from your backyard. Healthy living is one of the advocacies of this family.

They also observe proper garbage disposal by segregating their garbage properly and by recycling old bottles into vases and other things.

They have established a name of being a well-balanced family where they were able to raise their kids right and spared their extra time in involving themselves in community activities.

People in their barangay come to them for advice on how they were able to go through life without having much and they gladly share their secrets on how they were able to cope with life’s struggles.

They may not be rich in material things but they brag on how wealthy they are when it comes to love, respect and faith.


It can never be disregarded that Ariel had been working hard to support the needs of his family.

Before the Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program and Sustainable Livelihood Program came to life, as a tenant, their main source of income was farming. Also, his allowances in being a missionary of their church helped him in covering some of their expenses.

The cash grant provided by the 4ps is an answered prayer for families like the Amboan’s. The amount may not be that much but for them, it’s more than enough to get through the month.

Being a hardworking person, he doesn’t want to settle in receiving money and just do nothing in return. He was so joyful when his family was provided with a livelihood of their choice. They were granted P7,000 for their native chicken project.

As if luck has been on their side, the help didn’t stop there.

Kalahi-CIDSS, on the other hand, made it easier for them in their means of transportation. Now, it is much safer and easier for them to travel.

Now, life is better for them. It is easier for him to buy stuff for his children especially for school without having to consider a lot of things.

Now, he can get to let his daughters experience childhood without much to think about. There’s still a lot to work for but they know they’re a step closer to success.

Ariel’s story is a representation of millions of Filipinos living in poverty, slowly creeping their way out./dswd6/ Pia Pauline Magallanes

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Farmer wins national award

A farmer from Patnongon, Antique was named as Best Community Volunteer for Improved Local Governance during the 3rd National Bayani Ka! Award of the Department of Social Welfare and Development.

Kalahi-CIDSS community volunteer Edwin Pacheco received the award from Kalahi-CIDSS National Program Manager Alex Glova, Ramon Falcon of NEDA and Carmen Reyes-Zubiaga of the National Council on Disability Affairs.

DSWD Assistant Regional Director for Operations Delia Bagolcol, Kalahi-CIDSS Deputy Regional Program Manager Belen Gebusion and Regional Program Coordinator Asuncion Santiago joined Pacheco in the recent Bayani Ka! awarding rites held at Sequioa Hotel, Quezon City.

Pacheco received a similar award from DSWD Regional Director for Western Visayas Rebecca Geamala during the regional Bayani Ka! Awards in 2016.

The “BayanI Ka!” awards is a yearly undertaking of Kalahi-CIDSS Regional Project Management Office and National Project Management Office intended to acknowledge the hard work being put by the local, everyday heroes who put their own communities (“bayan”) before their own selves (“I”).

Pacheco is one of the new generations of champions who had helped and will continue to rally around with Kalahi-CIDSS in its advocacy of making community-driven development (CDD) a reality.

Pacheco is the Barangay Sub-Committee Chairperson in Barangay Villa Salomon, Patnongon and same time PTA president of Villa Salomon Elementary School. On Sundays, he serves as teacher to the young children.

He took active steps in making an impact in his community. Through his leadership, his barangay was able to implement three classrooms for their elementary school and consistently conducting monthly ‘dagyaw’ to maintain the subprojects.

In the midst of struggle, uncertainty and the dying zest of people around him, Pacheco’s inestimable perseverance, charity and passion for community service makes him emerged to be of incomparable inspiration.

They live in a house which others may call “kamalig” but for him, it is a home already.  Whenever there are chances, Pacheco works as carpenter earning P 250 a day, hoping to feed his family and have ample funds to send his three children to school.

Despite his meager income, Pacheco chose to serve his fellowmen through volunteering even at the expense of a compromised time and chances to earn an income.

For him, quitting is never an option worthy to be entertained. Though he may have less in life, he never hesitated to give more for others, for the community.

Pacheco is a forerunner and the spur of “bayanihan” undertakings. He was able to organize number of “dagyaw” or bayanihan activities in the community to improve access for easy delivery of construction materials and construction of a provisional storeroom for materials during the sub-project implementation.

Through his commitment, coupled with persistence, courage, integrity and his genuine concern to his community, he was able to unite the residents and stakeholders, evident though the conduct of “dagyaw” or bayanihan.

Moreover, he was able to imbibe, firmly integrate and promote the principles of Kalahi-CIDSS which makes the community, aside from tangible improvement, embrace change and progress in behaviors as well as perceptions towards common welfare. (Kalahi-CIDSS/DSWD)

NATIONAL BAYANI KA! AWARDEE. Farmer Edwin Pacheco (7th from the left) poses with Kalahi-CIDSS Regional Project Coordinator Asuncion Santiago (2nd from left), National Program Manager Alex Glova, (3rd from left), Ramon Falcon of NEDA (4th from left), Deputy Regional Program Manager Belen Gebusion (5th from left), DSWD-6 Assistant Regional Director for Operations Delia Bagolcol (6th from left), Carmen Reyes-Zubiaga of National Council on Disability Affairs (1st from right) and other members of board of judges. (DSWD PHOTO)

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DSWD6 on extending Adoption Consciousness

In its campaign to encourage more couples to adopt, the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD FO6) held an Inter-school Poster-making Contest in line with the theme “Pagmamahal Palaganapin, Legal na Pag-aampon ating Gawin” (Spread Unconditional Love through Legal Adoption).

“I believe that through this activity, people’s consciousness regarding the significance of adoption will certainly be well raised,” said Melin S. Gerona, Adoption Resource and Referral Sector (ARRS) Focal. More than 30 entries from different High Schools and Universities were judged during the final evaluation held last July 29, 2017 at Carlos Bakeshop, Iloilo City.

The poster-making competition was judged by renowned visual artists in Iloilo including Raji J. Alvarado, Jeanroll Ejar and Vic Fario.

The activity was undertaken in partnership with the Panay Adoptive Parents Association (PAPA) which is a newly organized group of adoptive parents in Panay to serve as support group among adoptive parents and advocates on legal adoption.

The results of the Poster-making Contest are as follows:

For High School level – First Place, Fhyrnzy Glen Deo S. Abella of Immaculate Concepcion Parochial School-Iloilo Inc.; Second Place, Meliza Louise Javellana of Central Philippine University High School & Vincent Louie Tumilba of Holy Rosary Academy; and Third Place, Ben Cantomayor of Leonora S. Salapantan National High School.

For College level – First Place, Anselmo, Jr. B. Aurelio of John B. Lacson Foundation Maritime University (JBLFMU-Arevalo); Second Place, Catherine Monette A. Cervantes of JBLFMU – Molo; and Third Place, Justine Salazar of Western Visayas College of Science and Technology.

The first placers will receive a cash prize amounting to 3,000 pesos; second placers, 2,000 pesos; and third placers, 1,000 pesos. Certificates of Appreciation will also be given to all participating students.

“I am so happy with the results of the contest. It is heartwarming to see how the youth participants depicted adoption as something so radiant and moving at the same time.” related Mark Cabag, PAPA President. “I think that these creative displays will succeed on extending consciousness to the society,” he finally added./XzrabelleServento/dswd6/

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